Major types of printing services

Major types of printing services

Printing is a process where text and images are reproduced on any material. Printing services can get a little overwhelming if you are new to the industry. There are many types of printing services, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the types of printing services you should know about:


Digital printing:

We have moved to the digital world, and so has the printing industry. Digital printing has become quite popular these days as it brings high-quality outputs in an easy manner. Digital printing is extremely easy, and it requires very less manpower to complete the process. In addition to all these, the chemicals used in the papers is much less, and paper waste is reduced too. The main technologies which are used in digital printing are inkjet and xerography. The inkjet technology is mostly used for printing posters while xerography is used to print documents, books, etc. Digital printing is also cost effective and a much easier way to print various things when compared to other forms of printing services.

Offset Printing:

Offset printing is often known as lithography printing. Offset printing is usually done when there is a requirement for high volumes of prints. Offset printing has an excellent printing quality. The two popular technologies used in offset printing includes sheet-fed and web. Offset type of printing is mainly used in printing papers, magazines, posters, etc.



Flexography is a type of printing service which is used to print plastic bags and other plastic materials. Since the usage of plastic is continuously increasing flexography is becoming very popular, and it is becoming the fastest growing printing services in the world. The technology originated in the 15th, and now it is used to print various things.


Screen Printing :

Screen printing is mostly used in clothes, mugs, metal, plastic, fabric, etc. Screen printing is one by transferring ink to a base except to places which are blocked by stencils.


Gravure printing:

Gravure printing is similar to offset, and it also produces high-quality prints. Gravure printing is used to print papers, magazines, brochures, long publications, etc. This form of printing requires direct contact with the paper, and it can get a bit expensive. If you have ever gone through the national geographic magazines, you will know the quality of their pages. Those magazines are printed using the gravure printing method.

Now that you have a rough idea about the various types of printing services depending on the quality of the print you want you to need to choose the appropriate printing method. You can narrow down your options to one particular printing service and ensure you get the desired output.