Retail Publishing

Retail Publishing
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etter ways to version your marketing collaterals for different price zones, markets or languages
  • Cost reductions and shorter lead times
  • A retail publishing solution to meet today’s needs with a platform for the future

…. then check out PublishNow! AMP – the complete retail publishing solution.

Designed for versioned publishing
PublishNow! has a proven track record in delivering powerful and versatile publishing solutions for customized and self-service publishing. With PublishNow! AMP, Sansui Software brings a new level of automation and simplicity to the complex task of executing highly versioned advertising, direct marketing and promotions across high-volume retail operations.Integrating with end-to-end AMP workflow
An essential component of end-to-end AMP solutions, PublishNow! AMP is a comprehensive web-based distributed publishing solution that uses industry standard open technologies. Providing Web Services and XML for integration with existing business workflows, PublishNow! AMP ensures that your AMP operation delivers highly versioned advertising and promotional collaterals – quickly and economically.

And with direct access to product, offers and versioning data from your Merchandising, Content Management and Planning systems, PublishNow! AMP provides all you need to create versioned ads, catalogs, signage and flyers – in the right place at the right time!

“Design and Print” In-Store
A compelling in-store “design and print” solution, PublishNow! AMP also delivers self-service capabilities which lets store staff produce their own ads, signage, labeling and flyers. Centralized management of design, branding and data is complemented by an intuitive browser-based interface which lets in-store staff have immediate control of localized content for creation of their PoS materials.