Smart Property

Smart Property
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SmartProperty is an intelligent ad creation system that enables Real Estate Agents to create, modify and submit their property listings to a newspaper.
SmartProperty considerably speeds up the Real Estate page generation cycle for newspapers. Once SmartProperty is setup at the newspaper, estate agents can log on to the system via the web and manage their listings on a regular basis.

SmartProperty plugs in to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress to create the page templates and the final page designs. The property listings are generated automatically from templates, eliminating the need for specialized page designers to be constantly at work on the pages.

Any changes made at the InDesign or QuarkXPress stage can be updated back to the web database.

  • Newspapers can cut resource allocation for page generation
  • Last minute changes can easily be incorporated
  • Eliminates the need for Real Estate Agents to frequently come to the newspaper
  • Real Estate Agents can plan and modify their production pages from remote locations
  • Single-click page production for Property Listings
  • Advanced management capabilities of hundreds of Real Estate Agents